The Way Work’s Changed

Recruiters and hiring managers look for people with a specific skill set. The dreaded Applicant Tracking System strips out all personality, culture, values and reduces you to “8 years of experience in X, 2 years in Y.” But that’s not how work is done anymore, argues’s Kevin Wheeler.

“The old idea of cataloguing the required skills, experience, and activities runs out of gas. We don’t know what these skills, experiences, and activities are; they change constantly and they are interdependent on others in our team….I believe that we will evolve to focus on roles people can take on, rather than on specific skills and experience. We will look for people who have the ability and the mindset to find where they can add value on their own. And people who can move from technical to soft areas with ease will be in high demand. Many companies are experimenting with putting people into role-based work. Google, for example, often assigns engineers to a team where they work out, with the team members, the role they will play.”

All we want to know is: Does this mean less reliance on the damn ATS? Will it help people who don’t fit into a box get jobs?

Your thoughts?