The Watchmen Panel

We had former LA Weekly employee Tim Heiderich taking notes for us at the panel because it was impossible otherwise to get in. It has to be said that the panel started at five minutes until noon. Just like the Doomsday Clock. Even the release date 3/6/09 are the numbers on a clock face. Cool huh? So cool, there were fans that had been in line for this panel for two days. They had gotten there Wednesday.

Director Zack Snyder (300) was there. He explained that the movie stayed true to the original vision of the creator. “The comic book is the film’s bible.” He also offered,”Comic books are already story boards and a script.”

Alan Moore, the writer of the original series has kept his name off and wants no part of the movie. After Moore’s experience with his work V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being made into lukewarm films, he’s now put off by Hollywood.

In fact, the movie credits are most likely to read “based on a comic illistrated by Dave Gibbons”. Snyder said,”I wish Alan could experience the same joy and excitement [as we have] about the film.”

Nerdy tidbits:

  • Judo Master was a character that was cut from the comic books and in the film there is a martial arts studio called “Judo Master”.
  • According to fans of the series the trailer that was shown at the panel – longer and more gory than the one released on the internet – the trailer was all “iconic scenes” and “profoundly faithful”.
  • Nixon was in the trailer.
  • Twins, dressed identically (not in costume) asked a two part question. It was,”Was there anything omitted in the film and was there anything added. Snyder replied,”Yes and yes.”