TWT Writer Puts Weiner’s Ass on Blast

TWT‘s Emily Miller isn’t exactly shy and wilting. So her story this afternoon, in which she clocks former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) for the way she alleges that he treated female journalists, shouldn’t shock you.

But it might.

Miller’s report includes her own account and that of  her colleague, Susan Crabtree. “He didn’t just treat strange women like sex objects,” she writes, “he harassed female journalists who work on Capitol Hill. Two of us work at The Washington Times.”

And so it begins, the media frenzy that will be Weiner’s bid for New York mayor.

“Weiner clearly doesn’t respect women — whether the ones he sends naked pictures or reporters in the workplace,” Miller told FishbowlDC. “He should have shrunk away in shame after getting caught. The female voters in New York should listen to my tape of his lies before even considering him for mayor.”

In Crabtree’s case, she reports that Weiner gave her the middle finger in front of a gaggle of other reporters in the Speaker’s Lobby. In Miller’s… she says he “subjected me to humiliating sexual comments” in the course of covering his sexting scandal. In an interview, he makes Weiner jokes using the words “stiff” and laughing at himself. Were they funny? Perhaps. But considering he had sent his weiner out to the entire Twitterverse, probably not the wisest move.

An excerpt:

“I happened to be the only reporter int the Speaker’s Lobby when Mr. Weiner walked out, clearly looking for someone to tell more of his lies about the scandal. … That day, Mr. Weiner stopped when I approached him and moved in very closely, about six inches from me.”

Read the full story here. Oh, and she has the full interview with him on audio. Any other female journalists out there have stories you want to dish on the matter? Tell us about it at or to


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