The Washington Post Partners with Student Newspapers at UMD, Columbia

daewoo-dvd-recorder-white-page-small-64104The Washington Post today announced a software and technology partnership with the student newspapers at the University of Maryland and Columbia University. The Diamondback at UMD and The Columbia Daily Spectator now have access to Post story templates utilized in some of’s most multimedia-rich reporting.

“The Post is building some of the most innovative technology in journalism right now and we plan to license these products to other journalism organizations, so this is a first step in that direction,” said Shailesh Prakash, CIO and VP of technology at The Post, in a release. “We are thrilled to provide these services to these student publications, both to help support their journalism and to get real-world feedback on our software services program.”

For examples of The Diamondback and The Spectator’s use of The Post technology, click here.