The Warriors Cast Reunion Takes an Ugly Turn

Photographer who came up with the idea for Sept. 13 Coney Island event is no longer involved.

It seems strangely fitting that some unexpected strife surrounds the upcoming Sept. 13 reunion on Coney Island of the cast of 1979 cult film The Warriors.* At this late stage, event organizer Eric Nyenhuis is no longer partnered with Joe Russo, a New Jersey-based live events photographer who recently took to Facebook to vent:

It is with great displeasure that I’ve recently resigned from this historical event that I have put over two months of my blood, sweat and tears into. I had the idea to do this event/reunion with The Warriors in Coney Island where it belongs… and sought out actor/director, Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis, to make it happen with me.

Unfortunately, Mr. Nyenhuis has decided to take matters in his own hands. Mr. Nyenhuis’ shady actions and lack of business ethics have given me no option but to leave my role as co-producer and move forward in other positive directions.

Eric’s answer to everything is to sue everybody. And once he mentioned that he intended to sue almost everyone involved for negligence, I decided to walk…

Russo says he still plans to attend the Coney Island event as a fan. Meanwhile, Nyenhuis is sharing various tidbits in the final days leading up to the all-day Sunday affair. From yesterday:

I just got a phone call from the executive producer of The Warriors, Larry Gordon. We talked about the film and that he was at Dr. Dre’s house last night and LeBron James was there and that he was chanting “Warriors, come out to play!” He went on to say that he was very proud of me for all the hard work I have put into this event, and bringing The Warriors back into the limelight.

*Update (September 6):
Nyenhuis thoroughly disputes Russo’s posted version of events. Via an email to FishbowlNY, he writes that his prospective partner failed to hold up their end of the bargain:

Joe Russo and I were connected through Yaniv Haddad, the owner of Surf and Stillwell. Joe said to me, let’s be partners on this Warriors event.

After a week of back and fourth with the owners of Thor Equities, the owners of the Surf Pavilion, we had to acquire insurance for the event. I simply asked Joe to send them a check. His response: “I’m broke.” Wait, what? “You’re broke? Then how are you paying for half of the event?” He flat out said I needed pay $15,000 in cash and he would reimburse me for his portion after the event.

I sent him a standard Memorandum of Understanding to cover the loan, but Joe had no equities or liquefied funds, nor collateral… I have the trust of Thor Equities, 16 of The Warriors cast members, Sick Of It All, The Unknown Bikers and 3000 fans that have all purchased tickets.

Joe didn’t quit. He was asked to either honor the agreement to pay half, or step aside… Sour grapes by a starving photographer.

Update (September 23):
Rolling Stone took advantage of the reunion event to ride the Q train to Coney Island with original cast members. Well done.