The War of Northern Aggression

Orange County has long enjoyed a reputation as L.A.’s gun-nut, alcoholic right-wing uncle. Is it a fair reputation? Probably not. But it’s a fun one to perpetuate. (And it beats Santa Barbara’s rep as L.A.s artsy-but-dowdy aunt.)

Still, it rubs some people the wrong way. Particularly people who have actually been to Orange County and know that gas, houses and most meals cost more there than in some of the toniest places in L.A.

So forgive Stevie Wilson for getting her Rucas in a bunch over the new Code.TV.

Earlier, we noted that Code.TV hit L.A. to relieve our wealthy of ennui by schooling them in the “hottest” bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. in Los Angeles.

Stevie, fashion editor for Orange Coast Magazine, tells FBLA that when talking to someone “within the show,” she discovered no one has bothered to peak behind the Orange Curtain:

“When I mentioned the [Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach] where Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston stayed in the OC, they had NO idea that they had been there. .. It’s like what planet are they on, when there are 3-4 shows about life in the OC on tv/cable and they can’t figure out that they have to cover that area of LA?”

A Code.TV rep assures FBLA in an e-mail: “CODE.TV LA includes the entire LA Metropolitan area, extending all the way to Las Vegas, including Orange County, San Gabe, the Valley, etc.”

Well that’s good. Be sure to look up Stevie when you hit The Island.