The Wall Street Journal Takes Readers to ‘Work’

The Wall Street Journal today launched a new “At Work” blog, focusing on management and careers. Aimed toward a professional, working audience, the blog also is beneficial for ambitious business and law students.

The blog gives readers a chance to a better understanding of the workplace landscape, with the framework for thinking through career strategies, management tactics, and productivity.

Edited by Francesca Donner and Nikki Waller, “At Work” is anchored by posts from a variety of management, education and employment reporters from The Wall Street Journal, including Work & Family columnist Sue Shellenbarger,  management and workplace reporter Rachel Silverman, education reporter Melissa Korn, employment and economy reporter Lauren Weber,  management and corporate strategy reporter Leslie Kwoh,  and executive careers reporter Joann Lublin. 

A look at what the blog has to offer after the jump.

Recurring features on the blog include:·        

  • Guest essays from named authors and experts on topics such as time management, finding passion, creativity and leadership·       
  • Topic of the Month: Each month the site will examine a different topic in depth, from organization to innovation to networking·        
  • Daily Smarts: News roundups in 140 characters of must-read careers and management articles from around the Web        
  • Executive Suite: CEOs and other top-ranking executives share their personal management styles        
  •  CQ&A: Experts weighs in on reader conundrums