The Wall Street Journal Takes Aim at Hong Kong

The Wall Street Journal launched a new section of offering business, financial, and lifestyle news targeted toward readers located in or interested in Hong Kong, along with Exchange, a finance blog.

The Hong Kong section will be available on the newspaper’s Chinese-language site sometime in December.

Marisa Wong is the newly appointed editor of the Hong Kong section, which also offers features including: The Moment, personal accounts of Hong Kong moments; Face Off, two experts debating a topic; Radar, in which Hong Kong residents reveal five topics they’re following; Inventory, a look at the retail scene; and Eight Questions for, question-and-answer interviews with movers and shakers.

The Wall Street Journal Asia publisher and parent Dow Jones & Co. Asia-Pacific managing director Christine Brendle said:

Launching this new Hong Kong section is the latest move in our strategy to localize and digitize content in the Asia-Pacific region. We are uniquely positioned to provide relevant local and global news, and to deliver that content digitally. The new section offers expanded coverage of Hong Kong and its growing financial community. Readers are turning to our digital offerings in ever-greater numbers in the region, and this provides advertisers with more opportunities to connect with this highly influential, affluent, and mobile audience.

WSJ Asia editor-in-chief Almar Latour added:

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic markets in the world’s most dynamic region. With an expanded team, a dedicated online section, and several new editorial features, we aim to help our readers around the world and in Hong Kong understand the latest and most important developments here, be it in finance, real estate, or general news.