The Wall Street Journal Perfectly Illustrates the Challenges Faced by Women in Tech/Finance

We like The Wall Street Journal Digits blog. We know that the journalists who work there are consummate professionals, and we don’t think the editorial team made a decision to cut “the woman” out of a business team’s glamour shot.

But this comparison of images on rival blogs illustrates the struggles faced by female managers/executives in the tech and finance worlds very well:

FWIW, the WSJ quickly responded to that tweet from Google vet/venture capital celebrity Chris Sacca, fixing the image and explaining its mistake:

Tweeters weren’t quite buying that line. Here it is from the article:

Note: An earlier version of the photograph at the top of this article improperly omitted Virginia Sapp, Obvious Ventures’ operations manager.”

Another reader theorized that the decision not to include Ms. Sapp’s image stems from the fact that she is a manager rather than an investment partner in the firm.

Still, this is nothing if not a public relations issue, and it perfectly illustrates the way many women in the tech and financial industries feel about their status: unappreciated, ignored and, in some cases, simply cropped out of the picture.

In that way, a simple editorial decision became larger than the story itself.