The Wall Street Journal Launches WikiLeaks-Like Site ‘SafeHouse’

The Wall Street Journal has launched a new website in the same vein as WikiLeaks, called SafeHouse. According to a press release obtained by Poynter, the site is located on secure servers, and is designed to attract tips and information from random sources, that will be then vetted by the Journal’s staff. Like WikiLeaks, if it’s something worth publishing, it will then be broadcasted to the masses.

A statement on SafeHouse explains that any kind of file can be submitted, but obviously, the bigger the news, the better:

If you have newsworthy contracts, correspondence, emails, financial records or databases from companies, government agencies or non-profits, you can send them to us using the SafeHouse service.

Creating the site is a great move by News Corp. The New York Times – which has been debating launching a WikiLeaks clone since last January – now looks a step slow, which only lends more credibility to SafeHouse. And if it gets a big story before the Times even launches their WikiLeaks site, it might be game over.