The Wall Street Journal Has Largest Circulation in U.S.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, The Wall Street Journal has the largest circulation among newspapers in the United States. The Journal’s circulation is 2,117,796, followed in second place by USA Today, with 1,829,099. That’s right, the paper everyone likes to hate apparently gets plenty of love.

The New York Times comes in third place with 916,911, but interestingly enough, is the highest circulated Sunday paper.

Check out the top 10 daily and Sunday papers after the jump, and head over to Poynter to see the entire list.

Top Ten Daily Papers:

1. Wall Street Journal
2. USA Today
3. New York Times
4. Los Angeles Times
5. San Jose Mercury News
6. Washington Post
7. New York Daily News
8. New York Post
9. Chicago Tribune
10. Chicago Sun-Times

Top 10 Sunday Papers:

1. New York Times
2. Los Angeles Times
3. Washington Post
4. Chicago Tribune
5. San Jose Mercury News
6. Detroit Free Press
7. Houston Chronicle
8. New York Daily News
9. Denver Post
10. Star Tribune