The Wall Street Journal Gets Bookish While the Media No Longer Has to Cover a Book Burning, Plus Other News of the Day

– Earlier we discussed whether or not the media should be to blame for the scope of the Quran burnings. Some media organizations even went as far as deciding that they weren’t going to cover the event, including Fox News and the AP. Although CBS, ABC and NBC were all willing to show the books burn, the pastor of the Florida church has decided to cancel the event. Well, some good might have just come out of all that coverage after all.
– The Wall Street Journal will add a stand-alone book review section to its pages for the first time in its history. It’ll sit as a pullout section in the Weekend Journal, according to the New York Observer. Considering one of the only few organizations that still boast a stand-alone book section is the New York Times, it’s not hard to see why WSJ made the move.

– Efforts to take Emmis Communications, parent company of Texas Monthly and Los Angeles magazine, private ended today after its financier pulled out of the deal. The company said that Alden Global Capital decided not to provide the backing for a $90 million transaction so a group of investors could take the Emmis private. “All parties to the negotiation are stunned and saddened by Alden’s decison to not honor the negotiated deal,” according to a statement released by Emmis. “Emmis, JS Acquisition, and Jeff Smulyan will explore various legal remedies related to damages caused by Alden’s actions.” More to come, no doubt.

L’shanah tovah all!

Photo by austinevan