The Walking Dead, Today Show, Game of Thrones and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for TV show pages

The Walking Dead is this week’s top gainer in the People Talking About This metric among television show pages. The AMC drama series saw almost 1 million additional engagements in the last seven days, accumulating in a page PTAT just under two million. The series just premiered its first episode since early December.

Among the top 10 pages, seven are produced for U.S. networks. Of these seven, five are produced for cable networks while the other two are done by commercial broadcast companies. The other countries topping the list are Germany for Galileo, the Philippines for Eat Bulaga and the United Kingdom for The One Show.

This list is compiled with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    The Walking Dead 1,926,405 +604,695 +939,036
2    Galileo 661,138 +61,831 +641,557
3    Duck Dynasty on A&E 1,045,239 0 +351,862
4    Today Show 321,250 -17,172 +209,419
5    Game of Thrones 363,439 +53,129 +189,721
6    Tom And Jerry 453,878 +11,176 +174,874
7    Eat Bulaga 320,712 +13,343 +125,167
8    Futurama 328,604 +8,148 +122,360
9    The One Show 121,882 +83,419 +120,701
10    Supernatural 266,605 +10,682 +119,917

The Walking Dead is one of the most-watched series on television and often uses social media to deliver more content to fans. With over 15 million page Likes, the series thrives on viewers’ desire to share their reactions while watching a new episode. The most engaging posts the page posted this week were simple text posts asking fans if they were excited for the new episode and then a similar post after the show aired asking fans for their reaction. Though these posts are short and simple, the content around it is very strong within its community which leads to strong engagement.

At No. 4 on the list this week, The Today Show posts much more frequently than The Walking Dead page. The page operates mostly as a news hub, sharing stories and articles from their own website. Though these posts may not receive the mass of engagements seen by posts like The Walking Dead, the page is consistent and provides up-to-the-minute information.

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