The Voxel Agents launch Toy Mania on Facebook

Puzzle Retreat developer The Voxel Agents has announced the launch of its newest game, taking the developer back to Facebook with Toy Mania. In line with the company’s other puzzle games, Toy Mania is a fast-paced arcade game that asks players to create the largest toys possible in a limited amount of time.

Toy Mania looks like a match-three puzzle game, but functions more as a drag and drop experience. Players can click and drag whole columns or rows on the board to make matching shapes line up, creating toys. The more matching tiles touch, the larger the toy becomes and they more points it’s ultimately worth. Players must manually collect these toys when they’re satisfied with the size.

Weekly leaderboards track players’ scores against others, and the game is available to play as many times as players wish to try and increase their high score.

“I was inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. I wanted to whittle it down and hone in on what is really fun about it – the challenge of spatial arrangement,” said Creative Director Simon Jolsin, via a company release. “In Toy Mania there’s a lot of depth in how you move the pieces around on the board and we’ve really brought a whole new experience to the color-matching genre.”

Toy Mania has been initially released in a early beta version in order to help mold the game with player feedback in mind.

“We prefer to make games with our players rather than in isolation,” added Joslin. “This process of releasing games earlier in Beta form is a new approach for us but it fits perfectly with our methods of fast prototyping and exploration of new forms of gameplay.”

Toy Mania is now available to play for free on Facebook. You can track its progress on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile games and developers.

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