The Visionary Filmmakers’ Panel

comiccon01.gif We were able to get into Entertainment Weekly‘s panel featuring Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Zack Snyder and Frank Miller. We noted that all four directors were wearing black shirts…we think anyway…we were very far away.

When asked how he made comedies, Apatow responded,”It’s not always about getting laughs. Sometimes it’s like how much penis you can show and not clear out a room.”

To this Smith nodded thoughtfully.

Smith was the one to really dominate the panel. Answering some of this critics he said,”[They say] his stuff is all masterbatory, he only does it for himself. Well, fuck yeah!” The crowd applauded. Smith continued,”Or it’s like ‘He’s catering to the fan base.’ Why not? They’re the ones that go see the movies.” More applause.

Then all four panelists admitted to checking their google alerts. Except for Miller, who let Smith riff and stayed taciturn.

Then to Snyder, Smith said,”The whole reason we ever had a Comic Con was that someone would make a Watchmen movie. I feel like after I see that I can die!” Which drew more huge applause.

Either riffing or pandering Smith continued to draw applause from the nerd herd. “Geek culture is here to stay.” He declared.