What's The Viral Appeal Of 'Britain’s Got Talent'?

When Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ video hit the streams a year ago she started a couple of new trends. Boyle’s video began the YouTube craze for videos of people with surprising talent, but that’s not all. Her video also opened the door for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ to rise to the top of the YouTube charts.   While no other performers from Britain’s Got Talent have achieved the massive success of Susan Boyle, the show is consistently represented in the popular and most-viewed categories on YouTube, especially since the show’s new season started up again this month.

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ official YouTube page currently has 63 uploads, many with over a million views. What is it that makes these videos so viral? The answer is simple – everyone loves watching ordinary people do amazing things. Whether it be a woman with a dancing dog, an amazing pop and lock dancer, a spectacular gymnastics act, or an amazing singer like Susan Boyle.

As much as everyone loves watching people do amazing things, they also love watching people make fools of themselves. Because the auditions for the 2010 season of the show are currently in progress, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is also providing the YouTube community with a lot of great FAIL clips as well. From a guitar playing dog that does not play the guitar to a guy who refers to one of the worst Lady Gaga impersonators known to mankind, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audition fails are doing almost as well as the audition wins.

‘America’s Got Talent’ is taking a hint from their British counterpart. NBC announced today that the American variety show is opening up auditions on YouTube. Until June 18, performers are invited to upload audition tapes to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ YouTube channel. Producers will choose the 40 best acts and hold a vote to narrow the finalists down.

Do you think ‘America’s Got Talent’ will be able to compete with the British show? Will the Americans be able to achieve the same viral appeal as the British have?