The Verizon/iPhone Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

The story last week was not the super happy terrific sales of iPhones at Verizon. They were underwhelming.

Now comes word that the information pertaining to aforementioned sales was leaked by…drumroll please…Apple?! Now let the hype game begin.

If you thought AT&T was just going to smile and do the pageant wave into the sunset over this, you were dead wrong. It’s the hype game! “The Battle of the Broadbands!” Even as you read this, AT&T is working vigorously to make their customers happy and may have some other incentive-laden plans in place to keep their customers.

Back to the sales figures…lest we forget the iPhone has been out for nine months. It’s almost considered…gulp…old! I would assume we see a massive campaign by AT&T to make their customers happy…and Verizon…well…good luck with your sales figures!