The Verge Launches iOS, Android Apps

The young hit gadget blog The Verge has just made it a little easier to get your gadget fix while on the go. They’ve released apps for the iPhone and Android which promise full access to all the latest goodies.

For starters, not only is our news, review, and feature content readily available, we’ve included quick access to all of our photo galleries, videos, and podcasts. And yes, videos play just fine on both iOS and Android.

Commenting is fully intact, and sorting options to quickly jump from hubs, to brands, to the latest news are just a touch away.

The Verge is one of the sites that only offers a limited RSS feed,so if you want to get the full stories while you’re on the go you either need this app or you’ll need to grit your teeth and use the full site – not a pleasant experience on a smartphone, if you ask me.