The Verdict On Imus? Matthews, Wallace, Crawford Say “I’ll Be Back”

We told you yesterday that we’re going to ask some previous D.C.-based Imus guests whether they would re-appear on his show when it resurfaces.

So we reached out to any D.C. types listed on this MediaMatters roundup of 2007 guests on Don Imus’ show.

Howard Fineman: “The company policy is to stick with the decision of last spring, which is that no Newsweek staffer can do the show.”

Craig Crawford: “YES”

Chris Wallace
: “Absolutely, I would appear if I am asked. I thought Imus did something wrong–and deserved punishment. But he certainly doesn’t deserve a career death penalty. Sometimes he goes over the line–but he has done an emormous amount of good over the years. And I find him a very interesting person to talk with.”

Chris Matthews: “Yes, with full appreciation.”

Ana Marie Cox: declined to participate.

David Gregory: Not sure yet.

Still waiting to hear from…

Andrea Mitchell
David Shuster
Gwen Ifill
Stuart Taylor
Howard Kurtz
Thomas Friedman
George Stephanopolous
Mary Matalin
Judy Woodruff
Kelly O’Donnell
Jim Miklaszewski
Jim Lehrer