The US Sweeps Back to Lead World Gains on Facebook in April 2010

Inside Network has just released the May 2010 edition of the Facebook Global Monitor, our data report presenting the latest traffic and growth stats for Facebook in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

This month, we’re seeing that Facebook attracted almost five million new monthly active users from the United States in April, according to this month’s new Global Monitor report, while the social network itself added 25 million new users to 436 million total, an almost 50 percent higher gain than in March.

The gain for the US pushed it to a 38.5 percent total penetration, putting it within striking-range of its cultural cousins, the United Kingdom and Australia. But as you can see from the chart, Australia made significant strides of its own in April, as well as Canada, which has a significantly higher penetration of 45.2 percent.

Besides the United States, several other countries that were lower or entirely absent in the top 10 rankings for March shot up to push Facebook ahead in April, notably India and Germany. India’s presence is especially impressive, because the country is still under one percent penetration. It’s also dominated by Google’s Orkut social network, as is Brazil. Bad news for Orkut: Brazil came in at number 11 for April with strong Facebook growth of its own.

As for Germany, the European country has its own dedicated social networks like StudiVZ. But Facebook is on a worldwide tear that could see its competitors everywhere eclipsed — except for a few countries that have strong internal markets, like Russia, Japan, South Korea and China.

As expected, Indonesia and the Philippines performed strongly, although Indonesia’s growth dipped slightly; in March it was the fastest gainer with almost two million new Facebook users. A third country in the same region, Malaysia, also posted somewhat slower growth in April.

We’ll be covering each of these countries in more depth throughout the month in posts dealing with Facebook’s growth in each major world region. But before taking home the 432 million user figure from above, note that the data we’re using comes from Facebook’s advertising tool, which runs a few weeks behind. At this point, you can pretty much take it on faith that Facebook’s real userbase is actually over 450 million. Also, on that note, we wrote yesterday that Facebook had reached 120 million users in the US, not 117 million. This discrepancy is from the advertising tool.

The full Facebook Global Monitor, May 2010 edition, is available through Inside Facebook Gold, our data and analysis membership. In addition to the Global Monitor growth data, Inside Facebook Gold also presents independent analysis on developments, risks and opportunities in the Facebook business ecosystem.