The Urban Glass House Just Topped Off And It Is Top Notch

We’ve finally gone through all the awesomeness of our gift bag, hung up our complimentary hard hat, and figured out how to make our XL Urban Glass Shirt [sic] fit, so it’s time for an official topping off report.

Among the many things we learned today was that the building, at Spring Street and essentially the river, originally designed by Philip Johnson and Alan Ritchie (who showed up to give a lovely speech on the windblown top), almost never made it. Until a couple years ago, when everyone got all up in its grill again.

So Scott Sabbagh of Glass House Development talked, then Abe Shnay, then Ritchie, then Annabelle Selldorf, the architect who’s taken over the interiors for the project, and then David Keto of AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation.

And then “Gus” put the flag on the top of the building and it was officially topped off:


And then we had lunch, catered by ‘wichcraft, and we just happen to be doing a story about Tom Colicchio so we were like Dude! This is crazy synchronicity! Talked to the always lovely Sara Hart and her Architectural Record colleague Bill Weathersby, and met Interior Design editor Annie Block, who we’d written for like a year ago and so we got to play the Dude! I know your name! game. And then we talked to Andrea Schwan, who was in charge of the whole thing, and had a totally sweet metallic bag that we wanted to steal but it occurred to us that wouldn’t be right since she invited us and we were rocking.

And then we found Sidekick, who had wandered off to talk to Todd Eberle, the Vanity Fair photographer, who had taken both the Johnson and the Selldorf photo at different times and just happened to crop them like that (we saw the originals in the model residence) without anticipating that they’d be on a enormous billboard together. Or gift bag. Or burned into our retinas.

And then we went to said model residence, and looked at it. There was a small model of the whole structure that had lights that we could turn on and off, so there was five minutes of entertainment. Wouldn’t turn an apartment there down either.



Overall, we like it. It’s simple, and clean, and functional. Johnson did a nice job on the outside and we think Selldorf was the perfect pick to finish it. In another year or so, we’ll be right there for the opening.