The United States and India Led Facebook’s Growth in July 2010

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Following a month of slow gains in June, the United States has bounced back to lead Facebook’s growth in July, echoing its strong May performance. The US added three million users, enough to push it up to 42.1 percent penetration and 129 million monthly active users accessing Facebook.

High growth for the US is no longer a given; among large countries, as it’s second only to the United Kingdom in penetration. The question his how many more people in the country are both online and interested in what Facebook has to offer. But any gains at all serve to show that Facebook is in no way going out of style.

India once again holds second place. Impressively, the country’s July growth of 987,240 new users is only 2,400 short of its gains in June. That’s remarkably steady growth, considering the volatility that India was showing as recently as early spring.

Facebook now appears to be India’s most popular social network, with a firm foothold among the tiny percentage of Indians with internet access. As sometimes happens in less developed countries, the new tool is also finding unexpected uses; this weekend, the New York Times reported that Indian drivers and police are collaborating on Facebook to issue tickets.

Mexico, with 810,210 new users, is also within a few thousand of its June growth, although it’s actually growing less rapidly than it did in spring. The future seems reasonably assured for Facebook south of the border, though; Mexico’s total penetration is now well past the vital 10 percent point, where we’ve seen growth pick up in other countries. That’s not the case for Brazil, which came in fifth, but Brazil’s percentage growth was also the highest.

Unusually, the Philippines was the only strong grower among usual Pacific Rim suspects, which includes Indonesia and Malaysia. The latter two had a slow month, but Thailand has recently come in as a substitute for the region.

The rest of the list doesn’t reveal anything unexpected. Here it is:

On average, growth among the top ten was fairly steady from June into July, with the exception of the United States’ large gain, which made for a total of 8,167,620 new users among the ten countries.

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