The Unbearable Snobbishness of Lord Conrad Black


Arianna Huffington asks a host of bloggers right and left today who was the funniest President. As you can imagine, the answers were a Rorschach test of sorts, revealing where each responders head is at. WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan, ever the starry-eyed loyalist, picked Reagan (surprise!); and comic writer Nora Ephron, who appreciates a good pratfall, picked Gerald “Whoops!” Ford, mentioning Chevy Chase’s SNL parody.

But it was the shamed media overlord Lord Black of Crossharbour who revealed his character the most a la Rorschach. Black lashed out against the hapless Jimmy Carter, a decent man, attacking everything from the former failed President’s “southern Baptist moralism,” to his handling of the energy crisis as being “comical.” And then he got personal. From HuffingtonPost:

”The name Jimmy, other than when used by intimates, (Al Smith called FDR Frankie), is comical for a US president. The intense unworldliness of someone from Plains, Georgia, who recruited almost his whole administration from the Trilateral Commission because that was the only place where he had met serious people from outside Georgia, was comical.”

Charmed, I’m sure. Lord Black, unable to restrict his bile against Jimmy Carter alone, also managed to fire off a lightning-fast, ”President Clinton looked absurd jogging with his secret service agents and then stopping to eat three Big Macs.”

(imag via clipart)