The Ultimate Goldmine of Facebook Marketing Training

Facebook creates these training materials, but doesn't share them widely, for some reason.

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Did you know that Facebook produces awesome guides on nearly every topic you’re interested in?
Perhaps you want to know how to tune offers to drive in-store sales, understand how your videos are performing, or structure your campaigns the right way.

Facebook creates these training materials, but doesn’t share them widely, for some reason. As far as I know, they don’t publish a list of these training materials and you’re not going to find them in the Help Center or (the agency training portal).

If you go to directly or to any general folder, such as, you’ll get nothing.
As you know, Facebook maintains multiple domains, so don’t be put off that it’s not on
This is still content made by Facebook themselves.

A quick Google search yields 3,040 results:

Screenshot 2015-02-12 18.39.19

Most of these results are people linking to a particular guide. My guess is there about perhaps a couple hundred guides, most of them by vertical (for car dealers, sports brands, small business, e-commerce, etc).

As I’ve said before, if you’re a consultant, you should get out of the business of producing Facebook marketing training, since Facebook produces better content, it’s free, and your stuff will quickly get out of date. Focus on verticalized topics that reflect your particular knowledge or connections.

Maybe you’re an Infusionsoft specialist — then figure out angles that help Infusionsoft customers get maximum bang for the buck from Facebook. Consider what you can say that builds on top of what Facebook is already saying, as opposed to trying to compete directly with Facebook.

Maybe you’re a B2B lead gen consultant and know a lot about LinkedIn ads. Facebook is not going to write a guide on how to drive leads using Facebook and LinkedIn targets in tandem any time soon.

Maximize your niche power, as opposed to creating duplicate step-by-step product usage

If you’re a consultant or agency, embrace what Facebook has created for us.

Here are a few of my favorites:

2015-02-13 00_36_13-fbrep.com_guides_Facebook_Multi-photo_One-sheeter.pdf 2015-02-13 00_37_44-fbrep.com_SMB_Facebook_Creative_Specs_One-Sheeter.pdf

2015-02-13 00_39_30-fbrep.com_guides_Facebook-Page_Post_Best_Practices.pdf

Which guides are your favorite and what other topics would you like to see a guide created on?

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