The Ugliest Buildings In Chicago Probably Look A Lot Like Your Ugly Buildings Too


This post, of course, only applies to this writer’s home, Chicago, but it’s perhaps something you’d like to put together wherever it is that you live. It’s The Chicago Journal’s “Help Us Find the Worst Building In Your Neighborhood.” For us, luckily, we live in an area that’s been saved from a lot of the building of those ugly, near window-less condos that take about three days to manufacture, because we live in a neighborhood that’s largely family homes. But near the office is another things. Replacing the hundred year old buildings, or even the twenty year old ones that weren’t built by the forces of evil and were interesting to look at, are those cheap brick monstrosities. So, if you are in Chicago, submit your entries. If you aren’t, here’s the model from which to build your own attack on the ugly.