The Ubiquitous Mr. Lifshitz


Has anyone else out there grown increasingly skeptical over the amount of uncritical love that the glossies — and newsprint, radio — have been showing the 40th anniversary of Ralph Lauren? Granted, a 40th anniversary in a field as persnickety as fashion is an achievement. But is it such an achievement that it warrants the covers of Architectural Digest, Men’s Vogue, Fortune and Town & Country — not to mention the slew of feature stories in publications like Vanity Fair. We won’t entertain the possibility that a powerful fashion advertiser such as Lauren’s company weilds any influence over the editorial content at those magazines.

Ralph Lauren’s 40th anniversary is in danger of becoming one giant tasteless advertisement. FishbowlNY friend Michael Gross’ Genuine Authentic provides a smooth, critical tonic to all that media ass-kissing going on over Mr. Lifshitz.