The U.S. & California Sue EBay Over Recruiting Agreement With Intuit

Wait ’til you get a load of this! When we first heard about it, we had to do a double-take, too.

Actually, it’s not uncommon for companies to have an unwritten agreement to not poach each other’s people but this time, EBay is being accused for such practices!

Here’s the scoop: EBay was accused by the U.S. and state of California for violating antitrust laws by agreeing not to hire people working for Intuit.

According to Bloomberg, senior executives at both companies agreed to refrain from hiring each other’s employees from 2006 until 2009.

The official complaint indicated, “This agreement harmed employees by lowering the salaries and benefits they might otherwise have commanded, and deprived these employees of better job opportunities at the other company.”

It sounds like technically both companies reportedly had a truce on a “war for talent” through the non-solicitation agreement.

This got us thinking: Isn’t that what recruiting and also career progression is all about?  Work for another reputable company in the same space as you propel your career onward and upward!

What if media giants created the same truce such as Conde Nast and Hearst, for example? How would editors leap from one title to another, an assumption in our world?

This begs another question as well since it’s likely several companies have the same unwritten rule; we can only wonder how many other companies have made the same “hands off” agreement.

All we can say is, it will be interesting to see how the case pans out.