The Twitpocolypse is Over: Twitterrific for iPhone & Other Twitter Apps Working Again

A few days ago someone tweeted tweet number 2^32 (4,294,967,296) on Twitter. This was important for apps that work with Twitter and used a long integer to store unique tweet IDs because a long integer starts at 0 and ends at 2^32-1. You can probably figure out what the problem is here. Although the Twipocolypse did not come, some Twitter-related apps had some problems (some may still have some problems). One that I use on my iPhone…

Twitterrific (iTunes App Store link to free version)

…was one of them. Fortunately, The IconFactory was able to get version 2.0.2 to Apple and through the system by Sunday. So, if you’re a Twitterrific for iPhone user, all you need to do is accept the free 2.0.2 update and have it synced with your iPhone or iPod touch. Users of other Twitter clients for the iPhone who had problems over the weekend should check the iTunes App Store for possible updates.

Happy tweeting!
BTW & FYI: I’m @toddogasawara on Twitter.