The Trouble With the Alt-Weekly News Cycle

Cover story from the April 26-May 2 edition of the Seven Days, the Burlington, Vermont-based alt-weekly:

Franken Earnest

Al Franken is finally getting serious. That’s not exactly breaking news to the legions of fans who listen to his three-hour show each weekday on the liberal talk radio network Air America.

Then Mediaweek, April 27:

Air America to Lose NY Flagship

Kinda takes the sting out of a Franken cover story, particularly when you pick up the paper in a northern Vermont hotel on May 1. Still, Franken’s response to a question about altering your material for the troops was interesting:

SD: Do you alter your show for the troops?

AF: Oh, yeah. I’ve done six USO tours. I started back in ’99 going to Bosnia and Kosovo and stuff. The purpose of the USO tour is to raise morale, so you don’t do “Your-president-is-lying-to-you-and-you’re-dying-for-no-reason” kind of jokes. It really is a very, very different thing I do there. I do a little satire, but it’s Bob Hope kind of stuff. Like, “So far, I’ve had five MREs [meals ready-to-eat] and none of them seem to have an exit strategy.” Your job is to cheer them up. It isn’t to bum them out.