The Top TV Show on Twitter in 2010 was… Red Eye?

Klout, known for its influence measurements on Twitter, released its list of top most influential topics on Twitter last week – and there are some surprises in the list. For instance, would you have guessed that Red Eye, a show on Fox News, would be more influential than the highschool musical phenomenon Glee? Or that #tcot (Top Conservatives on Twitter) was the most influential tag? Here are some other surprising (and not-so-surprising) influential topics on Twitter in 2010.

Klout notes that they measure influence not only by how much volume a certain topic got over the year, but also who was talking about it. Some people simply have more influence than others, and their input is given more weight when determining the most influential topics of 2010.

Klout also points out that none of their measurements take sentiment into consideration. This means that not all topics were discussed favorably on Twitter, with Klout pointing to BP as a prime example of a negatively-discussed item making the list.

You can see the top 10 lists that Klout put together on their blog, but here are some of our favorite findings from the top topics of 2010:

  • Social media tops the list as the most talked-about overall topic on Twitter in 2010. Does this surprise anyone?
  • Barack Obama is the most influential person on Twitter according to Klout, followed closely by Justin Beiber. We’re just happy it wasn’t the other way around.
  • MySpace is among the top ten most influential companies on Twitter, coming in at 10th place. It’s still hanging in there…
  • Red Eye is the third most influential TV show on Twitter, following Lost and American Idol, but ahead of Glee, True Blood, and Mad Men.
  • At least six of the top ten hashtags of 2010 were political in nature.

Would you have been able to predict any of the top Twitter topics of 2010?