The Top 10 Things Twitter Users Would Do If They Had Super Powers

#IfIHadSuperPowers has been a worldwide trending topic for two days now. After scrolling the endless scroll, and reading the tweets, one can only imagine the kerfuffle that would ensue if every person in the Twittersphere was blessed with the gifts-of-gods.

It would be madness. Ex boyfriends all over the planet would explode. No one would go into work. And Justin Bieber would instantly be married to fifty thousand women at once. But thankfully, some amazing things would happen too. Many of the tweets come from noble folk who are interested in more than simply getting revenge on someone who has wronged them. Congrats world!

After filtering through the boring kind-hearted tweets, the extremely crude tweets, and the Bieber-related tweets, we are left with these 10 amazing things our fellow humans would do if they had super powers. Well, we left one Bieber comment in there for good measure…

He’s just saying…

We’re not quite sure why he’d want to be Kim Kardashian, but then again…why not?

Bring the pain

A good old revenge power if we’ve ever heard of one. Who among us wouldn’t secretly want to do that to someone who’s burned us in the past?


A slap isn’t the most painful power in the world, but a super slap? That hurts.

Invisibility, with a twist

Lots of people say they would want to be invisible if they had a super power, but… stalking Justin Bieber is a whole new level.

A simple wish

N’Sync’s back, alright! Maybe we’re getting our reference wrong there, but what harm could come of bringing this 90s boy band back?

Liars beware

Eeeew… but effective.

The power to be eternally lazy

Having someone do everything for you could get a little boring, but it looks like Christina is creative enough to get around that problem!

A material power

We’re not sure if the power here is transforming an old jacket into Mike’s, the ability to steal it from whoever owns it now, or to make it materialize out of thin air, but still… pretty cool.

No more stupid people

After you lasso them, what do you do with them?

Tried, tested and true

Reading people’s minds is something that a lot of us would want if we had super powers, no doubt, but it’s great that Mel Gibson could inspire such an embodiment of this power.

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