The Top 25 MySpace Games for January, 2010

We spotted some minor fluctuations in the MySpace charts when we covered December’s numbers. It was much of the same for the number two social gaming developer platform in January. The social network saw virtually no change in rankings except for the curious case of BitRhymes’ Cheers!! and the #23-25 spots (PhotoBuzz, Bloodlines, and Green Spot).

MySpace has been working on meaningful changes to its developer platform lately, including a forthcoming analytics tool upgrade. While not as big as Facebook, it continues to be a good place for many developers to find users, gain experience and make money. We’re interested to see how MySpace’s efforts affect the rankings from here on out.

The highlights on today’s list:

  • Surprisingly, Playdom‘s top dog, Mobsters, gained very few new installs in the past month. It still sits at #1, but Zynga‘s Mafia Wars still creeps closer with a roughly a 1.2 million install difference.
  • Zynga Poker sits tight at #5, gaining less installations that last time around: 87,235 compared to a previous gain of 130,507.
  • Cheers!! from BitRhymes swaps spots with Zynga’s Street Racing with the two apps coming in at #11 and #12 respectively. However, and despite nearly 5 million installations, Cheers!! has once again disappeared (at least for the time being) from MySpace’s app gallery.
  • Moving forward, Playdom occupies #13-16 with Kiss Me, Sorority Life, Poker Palace, and Overdrive. Each earned around 4 million, 3.5 million, 3.4 million, and 2.6 million new installs respectively.
  • The tail end of the list saw the most swip-swapping as a fairly new title (only a few months old to the Top 25), PhotoBuzz from Oxylabs moves up from #24 to #23 with 1.8 million installs. Behind it, comes the role-playing app Bloodlines from Playdom (1,666,466 installs), followed by Green Spot from GoodTree (1,666,445 installs).

Note: MySpace currently just provides the number of total users of an app. We track these numbers every month to spot changes — we don’t currently have a good way to track daily or monthly active users.