The Top 25 MySpace Games for December, 2009

It’s a new year and a new decade but we’re seeing a lot of the classics on MySpace’s top 25 based on the last month. Over the past year, we saw little fluctuation on the list. Will this year prove different? Will we see more activity from the social network? December was a pretty good month already, with most apps posting solid gains, relatively speaking.

Note that MySpace does not provide monthly active user counts so the way we generate this list is by tracking top games every month, then comparing the numbers for each game month over month. This is different from Facebook, which reports monthly active users — the number of unique people who have used an app at least once in the past 30 days. MySpace’s numbers are harder to parse but they do provide some view into what is happening on its platform.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games from December 1, ending today:

  • While the two top mafia games hold their ground, Zynga‘s Mafia Wars gains a good 40,000 more new installs than the Playdom title, Mobsters. Nonetheless, the top five applications are still dominated by Playdom three to two.
  • BitRhymes also comes up as a major blip on the radar, with its app Tag Me jumping up from #11 to #8 surpassing the time old RPGs of Vampires and Street Racing with roughly 5.2 million installations.
  • Also worth noting is BitRhymes’ other title, the drinking game Cheers!! While it sits at #12 with just over 4.5 million installs, after three or so months of being off it finally appears back in the app gallery! What happened?
  • Sorority Life continues to prove more popular than Poker Palace with about 150,000 more installs this past month. However, the card game did earn more new users than it did last Top 25 with 52,053 compared to a previous gain of 20,798.
  • Another surprise on the charts came, once again, from BitRhymes as their title What’s My Impression on friends takes a huge leap from #22 to #18 with over 230,000 new users. The current number of users is tallied at 2,068,832.
  • Lastly, Grong’s app, What My Friends Think About Me, falls off the charts to make way for a new, interesting title from Oxylabs Networks called PhotoBuzz; a game that lets users animate their friends’ photos with hugs, kisses, and other colorful stuff. This title comes in at #24 with a little over 1.6 million installations, just above Playdom RPG Bloodlines.