The Top 25 MySpace Games for April, 2009


There are some new faces on the MySpace gaming charts this month as Playdom has finally revealed itself and all the games it’s building. As you can see, the company is doing tremendously well on MySpace, with 8 of the top 25 MySpace games, including #1 Mobsters, #3 Bumper Stickers, $4 Own Your Friends, and #10 Kiss Me, as well as Poker Palace, Heroes, Sorority Life, and Rockstars coming in at 12, 13, 15, and 22 respectively. More highlights from the top 25 include:

  • Zynga‘s YoVille moved up this month as well, overtaking Poker Palace to land at #11 with almost 3 million users.
  • Friend Factor fell by 4 spots to #19 as it was overtaken by Overdrive, and Rockstars dropped from its previous rank of #17 to land at #22.
  • Previously not in the Top 25 at all, virtual drinking game Cheers! made an astonishing debut with almost 3 million users this month, reaching #17.
  • And last but not least, another app to watch out for Truth Box by BitRhymes finds itself at #24. Though its classification as a game is debatable, it is certainly a popular app worth keeping an eye on.

So there you have it. MySpace remains a fairly solid platform and were it not for the addition of the Playdom titles, things would have been strikingly similar to last month.