The Top 25 Facebook games of January 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s time to look at the Top 25 Facebook Games of January 2013. Both of our lists saw some dramatic movement, a change of pace after December’s list.

For the fourth month in a row, FarmVille 2 is on top of both charts. That said, January marks the first time in recent memory Zynga’s been forced to share the No. 1 spot on one of these lists with a different developer:

Looking at monthly active users (which measures a game’s overall reach on the social network), FarmVille 2 is still clinging to the No. 1 position with 43.5 million MAU. However, the game also had the second-largest loss of the month, falling 5.7 million MAU. The largest loss went to Ruby Blast Adventures (which was the largest gainer last month), which was down by 9.6 million MAU. CityVille 2 saw the third-largest loss, down by 9.1 million MAU.

As is often the case, Zynga also had the most dramatic growth by MAU with its newly-launched Bubble Safari Ocean, which was up 19.1 million MAU. had the game with the second-largest traffic increase, courtesy of Candy Crush Saga and the 4.5 million MAU it brought in. Social Point’s Dragon City had the third-highest gain due to Dragon City bringing in 2.2 million MAU.

Zynga’s FarmVille 2 and’s Candy Crush Saga are tied for first place on the top 25 games by daily active users (which best measures a game’s core audience), both with a total of 8.1 million DAU. FarmVille 2 is actually down by 400,000 DAU since last month, while Candy Crush Saga is up by 1.7 million DAU.

Zynga had the most dramatic traffic drops over last month. In fact, the biggest loss from last month doesn’t even appear on the current list. Zynga’s CityVille 2 actually debuted on the Top 25 list last month but has seen a staggering loss of traffic since the beginning of December to the tune of 3.2 million DAU; its current audience of 660,000 DAU makes it the No. 43 game on Facebook. ChefVille had the second-largest loss of 800,000 DAU, while FarmVille fell by 600,000 DAU.

Bubble Safari Ocean had the largest gain with 3.9 million DAU. Candy Crush Saga had the second-largest gain with 1.7 million DAU.’s Pet Rescue Saga had the third-largest increase with 1 million DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataCome back next week for the beginning of January’s Top 25 gainers and losers, when we look at the continued performance of games that appeared on the top 25 DAU list.