The Top 10 Tweeting States in the US

New data from public affairs firm DCI Group sheds some light on what states tweet the most – and which ones tweet the least. And, despite what you may think, the number one tweeting state is not California, Twitter’s home-base.

The research is presented in an interactive map format which shows the ranking of each state in terms of its Twitter and Facebook use.

Being a public affairs firm, DCI was interested in how many governors and legislators are actively using Twitter and Facebook. Numbers on Twitter’s side show a huge adoption rate – 48 governors have a personalized Twitter presence, and there are at least 46 state legislators actively using Twitter.

But what you’re really dying to know, we bet, is whether your state is among the top 10 tweeting states in the US, right?

Well, to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, California is not the number one tweeting state according to data from DCI Group. In fact, California just barely makes it into the top ten at 10th place. It has just 0.03% more of its population on Twitter than the state in 11th place, Arizona.

The full list of the top ten tweeting states in the US is below, with the percentage of the population on Twitter immediately following each state’s name:

1. Nevada 1.74%
2. Washington 1.45%
3. Massachusetts 1.39%
4. Georgia 1.33%
5. New York 1.33%
6. Oregon 1.23%
7. Illinois 1.18%
8. Colorado 1.15%
9. Tennessee 1.12%
10. California 1.11%

These numbers are pretty close to numbers that Hubspot put together in its own interactive map of US Twitter use in January. This map saw Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon take the top three spots as the states with the most Twitter users above the national average.

You can view DCI’s interactive map here.