The Top 10 Promoted Tweets Of Last Year

Marketers are rushing to figure out how to make money from Twitter (as is Twitter itself). And one area in which they’re finding success is through Twitter’s own advertising solution, its Promoted Products suite. By purchasing a keyword and tweeting from their Twitter account, brands can reach a wide audience and find engagement rates much higher than traditional banner ads. However, just how much engagement they receive was anyone’s guess – until now.

Here are the top 10 Promoted Tweets of the past year, complete with engagement rates that boggle the mind.

Twitter claims that a Promoted Tweet – a tweet that brands pay to appear at the top of keyword search results or tied to a Promoted Trend – will see an engagement rate of about 3 to 5%. This is extremely high, as traditional website banner ads usually see an engagement rate of less than one percent.

However, AdAge got its hands on the top 20 tweets of the past year, and pared this down to just the top tweet from each of the top 10 marketers on this list, based on engagement. And all of the top ten tweets saw much higher engagement rates than even Twitter’s own ambitious 3 to 5%.

Engagement on Twitter is measured by the number of retweets, clicks, favorites and relies.

The number one tweet of the past year was VW’s tweet unveiling the New Beetle. This tweet saw a 52% engagement rate. An astronomically high number for anything online, this was likely partially due to the teaser that VW released during the Super Bowl.

Google’s tweet launching Google Instant came in second place with a 38% engagement rate. Google itself had 4 tweets in the top 20, but only its best was included in the top 10 list. AdAge notes that Google used Twitter to launch new and updated products (Instant, Chrome, NexusOne), which seemed to resonate with users.

Skipping down to the bottom of this list, the 10th place tweet was from Twitter itself, and it saw a 25% engagement rate.

These massive numbers suggest that there is something to purchasing a Promoted Tweet on Twitter – but you’ve got to know the time and place to use it. Launching new products, hosting a contest, or unveiling teaser information tend to do well on Twitter, and especially well as Promoted Tweets.

For the full list of the top 10 Promoted Tweets of last year, visit AdAge.

Via AdAge