The Tom Cruise talk show ripple effect

bee.jpgIs calling ‘Today’ hosts “glib” a mini-trend? Probably not, but here’s something from Page Six about LA’s favorite son Bret Easton Ellis:

DON’T expect to see bad boy author Bret Easton Ellis back on the “Today” show any time soon. Ellis was fuming after a recent appearance to promote his new semi-autobiographical novel, “Lunar Park.” “We all thought that Matt Lauer was going to do the interview, but then he went to Iraq,” Ellis told Portland, Ore., paper Willamette Week. “So she [Katie Couric] was really p – – – – d that she had to do the interview . . . She was such a bitch to me, I couldn’t believe it.” Ellis says he wanted to tell her, “Katie, you know nothing about publishing . . . I know about publishing. You’re being very glib.”

That Ellis, so derivative. But now he’s ripping off Cruise instead of Fitzgerald.