The Time 100: A Whole Lot of Celebrities Packed Into One Room

The Time 100 Gala was last night and despite a late no-show by George Clooney, the room was packed with so many celebrities we started to feel like we’d had too much sugar.

John McCain was the star of the night — blue state, whatever, everyone wanted to shake the Senator’s hand and boy does that man like a crowd and a camera (also, who knew the Secret Service could be so good-looking). Rupert Murdoch was holding court when we arrived, accompanied by his lovely wife Wendi Deng (more than one person was tempted to ask him to borrow a quarter). Martha Stewart took the elevator up with us and later we kept bumping into her directing her own camera person (Martha blogs too). There was Charlie Rose standing next to everyone’s girl crush Samantha Power, Harvey Weinstein and wife Georgina Chapman, Paul Wolfowitz, Matt Lauer, money maven Suze Orman, Swampland alum Joe Klein and Michael Scherer; Jared Kushner, Ray Kelly, Anjelica Huston, Chris Rock, Brian Williams, Bill O’Reilly (taall), Lance Armstrong (not so much), a late arriving Robert Downey Jr. and an even later arriving Mariah Carey (at least that’s what we heard — we couldn’t actually see her).

We know we’re forgetting a whole lot of people, as in most of the cast of Saturday Night Live and BJ Novak from The Office. Never fear! Lot’s of pictures and more highlights to follow throughout the day.

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