The Three Types of ESPN Employees

For the past two years, writer Jim Miller has researched ESPN for an upcoming book detailing how the network got its start to eventually becoming the mammoth sports station that it is today. For the book, he and co-author Tom Shales conducted over 500 interviews with former and current employees.

The two haven’t finished interviewing everyone for the expose, but already we’re getting glimpses into the culture at the network. When Sports Illustrated asked how the two got so many interviews, Miller responds:

“There are three different types of people we’ve interviewed. The first type is the person who says, ‘I love or loved being at ESPN. It was the greatest experience of my life. What can I tell you?’ The second person says, ‘It’s a great place but it certainly has its challenges and problems and I’ll be happy to share both.’ Then there’s the third person who is resentful and angry and was maybe even scorned. I think there are many people there looking forward to the book, and I think there are many people wondering, Can we trust these guys, what are they up to, and are they out to get us?”

Ohhh, I can’t wait to read more, especially if the authors capture any of the antics often rumored by the on-air talent.