The Tart’s Show Is Up On The Interwebs!!!


A while ago we got really really psyched for the Tart’s show to go up at Printed Matter. Then her show went up. And we were really really psyched for it. But, used as we are to the architecture world, we forgot that Chelsea exhibitions last for the blink of an eye rather than the lifespan of Methuselah. So we missed it. And we were sad. But–as we were informed today–all was not, in fact, lost. The Tart’s show is up again, this time online. Where even we can’t miss it.

The show, called Late Edition: Thirty Years of Dissemination at Printed Matter, is a collection of books, including Mars, Mom Leaves Baby on Bus, and Aliens in Transit, culled from Printed Matter’s backlist. Mostly, curatrix the Tart writes, it’s a little bit conceptual:

These books may not be the flashiest or shiniest objects in the store. Their authors may never be the subjects of solo museum retrospectives. Yet, for all the variety and time between the production of each of these books, they are first and foremost just that: artists’ books. Each work here is undeniably concerned with its format. Bound or unbound, diptych or otherwise, each of these works hinges on the meaning, definition, and cultural significance of the book itself.

It is because it is because it is. And it is good.