The Tap Lab preps aim and shoot game Bigfoot Hunter for iOS


Tiny Tycoons developer The Tap Lab has announced its latest game, Bigfoot Hunter, which is currently in development for iOS devices. The game is an “aim and shoot adventure” as users are challenged with finding and taking pictures of Bigfoot and his friends in a virtual environment.

Players will search for the hairy beast in 30 levels and multiple locations, including Bigfoot National Park and a Forbidden Rainforest. The overall goal will see players helping Ranger Rosie complete her Bigfoot Museum, one creature at a time.

In each level, players will tilt their devices to look around the environment. Some creatures seem docile, and will be easy to photograph, while others quickly move across the screen, or appear from one of the edges to test a player’s reflexes.

During the game’s time at PAX East 2014, gamers compared the title to Nintendo’s classic Pokemon Snap. Bigfoot Hunter was created during a game jam, while exploring the augmented reality genre. Instead of sticking to a real world setting, however, The Tap Lab created the game’s many virtual environments for more whimsy and charm.

Outside of gameplay, Bigfoot Hunter’s photo-booth feature will allow users to “photo bomb” their images with Bigfoot, Ancient Mountain Yetis and other creatures.

Bigfoot Hunter is planned for release later this year. Check back soon for more, or to follow The Tap Lab on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.