The Tablet Commeth?

It’s official–or at least something is. Apple sent out formal invitations to its press event next Wednesday, inviting journalists to “Come see our latest creation.” (The above image from The New York Times shows a graphic from the invite.)

So if it’s a new creation, it ain’t a new iPhone. Hopefully, finally, at last, thankfully, the damn wait for the tablet will be over and we can stop speculating and start anticipating.

Here is a little humors graph from The Times: “Unless you’ve been living on another, Internet-deprived planet for the last year or so, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea what this is likely to be: the unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited, breathlessly hyped tablet computer. The device promises to hasten the extinction of paper, solidify Apple’s advantages in the mobile computing market, cure hunger and finally broker a peace between Jay and Conan.”

eBookNewser will, of course, have more on this in the coming days.