The Sun‘s Skenazy To Weeklies: No More Escort Ads

The spokespeople at the Village Voice and New York claimed ignorance to NY Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy about what really goes on with those back-of-the-book massage parlor and escort ads. From The Sun:

‘Our policy has been and remains that if ever the authorities bring us any evidence at all that illegal activity is behind any of the services or businesses advertised in our magazine, those advertisers will no longer be welcome,’ a spokeswoman for New York, Serena Torrey, said. (Hers is the mag with the ‘Asian Cuties’ ad.) ‘Our ads do not promise any sort of sexual activity,’ a spokeswoman for the Village Voice, Maggie Shnayerson, said. (That’s where I found the ‘stunning European Ladies.’)

Ultimately, the issue boils down to money. Manhattan Media, which recently published the New York Press, is no longer accepting explicit ads. According to Tom Mallon of Manhattan Media, “we are probably going to be losing at least $1 million in revenue.”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga