The Sun: On A Hitler Hunt

1213hitler.jpgThe Rupert Murdoch-owned Brit newspaper The Sun knows how to generate publicity. As of today, they’re on a hunt to find Adolf Hitler‘s long-lost child. It all comes down to a recent blog post at The New Statesman claiming that Hitler had an affair with aristocratic Brit Nazi sympathizer Unity Mitford, who shot herself in the head at the outbreak of war. Mitford was the sister of American Way of Death author Jessica Mitford and a member of a rather unique family. According to the Statesman‘s Martin Bright, he thinks there is evidence that Mitford had a child with Hitler:

Val was a little nervous as she explained that her aunt Betty Norton had run a maternity home to the gentry in Oxfordshire during the war and that Unity Mitford had been one of her clients. Her aunt’s business, in the tiny village of Wigginton, had depended on discretion and she had told no one except her sister that Unity had had a baby. Her sister had passed the story on to her daughter Val.

I casually asked who she thought the father might be and there was a short silence on the other end of the line before she said: “Well, she always said it was Hitler’s.”

So, naturally, The Sun wants Adolf Hitler’s child to give them a call. Tasteless publicity stunts strike again.