The Style Press Meets Brian Ulrich


The mighty talented Brian Ulrich is one of our favorite photographers. He also happens to be a heck of a nice guy from the couple of times we’ve met him. So we we understandably happy to find this great interview with him over at The Style Press that we could share with you. If you aren’t familiar with Ulrich’s beautiful work, there’s a whole handful of just a peek of his amazing catalogue. And once you’ve gotten to know his work, you’ll learn all about his process, his latest projects and even who he sees as as the up and comers in the photographic world. Here’s a little:

Every picture in the series has something special about it that makes it interesting. What do you see as the most important elements of your photographs?

The ceiling! I often joke that one of the reasons this project has become so ongoing is that I have no idea what to do with sky. In the interiors you can use the diverging lines, or endless rows of lights and ceiling to point the viewer around the frame. Actually something I seriously think is more important is that the pictures look real, they’re sharp and hopefully when you look at them the camera disappears a little. If it works, it’s a bit like looking in a mirror.