The Struggle to Promote Fine Chocolate?

John Magazino is going from restaurant to restaurant across New York offering samples of Tcho fine chocolate to pastry chefs in the hopes of building that part of the company’s business.

“The battle will be won less by high-concept million-dollar public-relations campaigns than by direct contact,” writes the New York Times. “It is a struggle, one chef at a time, restaurant by restaurant.” According to the story, there are only a few fine chocolate brands that pastry chefs regularly use. Getting them to use a different brand is the challenge.

David Liederman, founder of David’s Cookies, describes why the U.S. market is so tough: “Not only do you have to give away vast quantities of chocolate, and do marketing, but you also have to hold the hands of pastry chefs, educating them to get their loyalty.”

Interestingly, this non-digital approach is being taken by a company operated by the founders of Wired magazine. They sold the publication to Condé Nast in 1998.