‘The Story of Civilization’ Now Available as eBooks

Will and Ariel Durant’s massive multi-volume history book is now back in print (sort of). Simon & Schuster announced Tuesday that all 11 volumes have been released as eBooks, and that they are available as a set or as individual volumes.

The series was written over the course of more than 40 years, and it totals four million words on more than 10 thousand pages. It is unfortunately incomplete; the authors had planned to continue to the early 20th century but the series ends with The Age of Napoleon. This was the last volume worked on by the authors before they died in the 1980s.

These books are listed in the Kindle Store, Nook Store and in iBooks, with a price of $15 each. If you’re curious about the set and would like to try it, you can find the first several volumes at the Internet Archive.