The State Of Toronto On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Torontonians sure are a happy bunch! Constantly tweeting words like “love” and “great”, supporting charities like Movember and cheering for their favorite sports teams, Toronto tweeters seem to send out positive vibes at all times.

This infographic, prepared by tbk Creative, takes a look at the state of Toronto on Twitter. Andrew Schiestel (@AndrewSchiestel) aggregated over 400,000 tweets over a 30 day period that contained the word “Toronto” to see exactly what people were tweeting about Canada’s largest city.

And, as a proud Canadian, I’m happy to say that those who tweet about Toronto are a happy bunch.

The top emotion associated with “Toronto” was “love”, and the top adjective was “good”. The word “win” was used 11 x more than the word “lose”, and “happy” was mentioned 7 x more than “sad”.

And, whatever your personal opinion on the kid, those tweeting about Toronto can’t seem to get enough Justin Bieber – he was the most referenced Twitter handle in all of the 400,000 tweets, followed by musician @deadmau5.

But tweeting about Toronto wouldn’t be the same without referencing our sports teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs took top spot, followed by the Blue Jays – but the Leafs saw 5 times more mentions than the Jays.

You can see for yourself just what positive sentiment surrounds Toronto in the infographic below: