The State Of Social Media In The UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do companies in the UK perceive social media? And Twitter specifically? That’s the question that Big Mouth Media asked when they put together this infographic visualizing the current state of social media in the UK.

Twitter takes front and center stage among UK companies who use social media. A full three out of four companies use Twitter as an online marketing channel. And over half of the companies examined (54 percent) believe that tablets and smartphones are the way of the future – an area in which Twitter has always been a social leader.

Despite the rosy picture that this infographic paints for Twitter among UK companies, there is some anxiety towards Google+. 56 percent of companies believe they haven’t moved fast enough to jump on the newest social network on the block.

But still, the future of social media looks bright: 78 percent of companies believe they will increase their social media marketing budget over the next year.

With Twitter’s announcement that they began selling Promoted Products to UK companies in September, and the recent reveal that these ads are seeing as engagement rates as high as 11 percent, it makes sense that UK companies are eyeing the network with interest.

You can check out more stats about the state of social media in the UK in the infographic below: